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Cookie policy and usage

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We use cookies for...

We use a session based cookie to remember the things in your basket. Normally this means that our site will remember your basket contents until you quit your browser. On an iPhone, iPod or iPad the session will last until you manually delete your cookies in the 'Safari' preferences.

We also use Google Analytics on the site. This helps us to monitor traffic and usage on the site. By using this we can better understand our customers needs and make improvements to the site. It is used by most websites to monitor their traffic.

Cookie name Description
blaw_session_id Session cookie used for the shopping basket (required).
BlawCookiesAccepted This cookie is set when you first visit our site. It is used to remember whether you want us to use cookies or not, in conjunction with the 'change settings' form at the top of this page (required).
_ga Google Analytics (optional).
Facebook Pixel Used to measure, optimise and build audiences for advertising campaigns served on Facebook (optional).

We do not use cookies for...

We do not have any third party cookies that are used to deliver adverts to you on other sites.

We do not record any personal information via cookies.